Prolonged Eye Contact Between Two People

Prolonged eye contact between two people causes intense emotional feelings.

Prolonged eye contact starts with a simple glance that a man and a woman make with each other.

When I first noticed him it was about a year ago. I always caught him staring at me but I really was not that interested so I just looked away and kept on walking.

As time went on I noticed him looking deep in my eyes trying to make prolonged eye contact with me. I hesitated at first. Making prolonged eye contact with this man was very uncomfortable for me.

My heart started to beat faster, my palms got sweaty and my body felt one big intense emotion as this guy gazed at me.

Then one day I decided I would not look away when this man tried making prolonged eye contact with me.  I looked him straight in the eyes and he did a head nod down as if saying hello or acknowledging me. I kept staring at him with a blank face and gave him a little smirk.

I could not smile. This man making prolonged eye contact with me put me in a trance. My sexual hormones were going crazy and I wanted to take this man to my bed just then.

The intense feelings this man caused in me were like no others I had felt in a long time.  I felt connected to him in a way I cannot explain. This man making prolonged eye contact with me put my in a trance.

My body was shaking.  I could not think straight and the rest of the day the only thing I thought about was this man who I had made prolonged eye contact with and the way he stirred up the many emotions in me that were buried away.

The intense sexual attraction this man stirred in me by looking in my eyes immobilized me to jelly. At this point I knew I wanted this man.

I wanted to have sex with this man.  I wanted to grab this man and kiss him. There was definitely chemistry between us that was intense.

Prolonged eye contact between two people is very intimate and almost unbearable. The longer you can sustain a gaze that is mutual , the more intense and deeper your connection will grow.

This man seduced me with his eyes. The prolonged eye contact we shared at that moment opened me up and it was just the beginning to what lies ahead with this man.

I want this man and I want him bad. The emotion this man stirred in me with his intense prolonged eye contact has me on fire.

This man wanted me to notice him and I did.  Now I cannot keep my eyes off him now and we have seen each other several other times with the intense prolonged eye contact getting stronger and stronger each time we gaze in each others eyes.

I cannot look away when this man stares at me. This man draws me in to his world and the seduction I have planned for him has just begun and begun it has. There is no turning back for me now.



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